El Jardin Sagrado – The Sacred Garden

I’d like to take time to share with you some information on the camp we are going to be serving at in Costa Rica. You may have heard us menion El Jardin Sagrado before but I wanted to put a spotlight on the camp for you.

The Sacred Garden- Costa Rica

El Jardin Sagrado is dedicated to the Glory of God.  We build, teach, restore, and encourage visitors to find the living Christ. The Garden is a place of worship, recreation, relaxation, laughter and joy. The property is approximately five acres which includes the main building  “Celebration Center” which seats 400; supporting food service is available, along with camps for overnight accommodations for 70, with current construction plans to bring the camp to 100 beds soccer field and swimming pool.   Pavilions dot the grounds along the river for small group sessions and private mediation in this tropical setting.

Ministry Options

Global Outreach is operating a full service Christian Retreat Center for the training of national Christians, a base of operations for North American short-term and career missionaries.  We are supporting the Gospel outreaches and Kingdom building in the region.  Our goal is for the center to become a cultural training center for career missionaries.

Our Beautiful Area

This Christian retreat center is placed in the Central American country of Costa Rica, in the village of Orosi.

Those who use the camp enjoy the beautiful creation of God in this sanctuary of tropical flowers, fruit tress, mountains and rivers.  Praise and worship with others or spend time alone with God in one of the ranches along the river.  Located in the Valley of Orosi, the garden is a few miles from Carthage – and is a spiritual refuge from daily life in the city.  The setting is perfect for retreats and Christian Camps!

* This information is from Global Outreach Missions website, http://www.missiongo.org.

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The Sacred Garden is a place of refuge, training, teaching, worship, and encouragement.  Our dear friend Arturo, who is from Costa Rica, has been doing a great job of overseeing much of the daily activites of the camp. We are so thankful for him and all that he does. However there have not been any missionairies serving full time at the camp since March 2012. That is one reason why we are so desparate to get there by January. We want to see El Jardin Segrado opperating and ministering at full capacity for the glory of God. Please concider partnering with us today and help shine Gods light bright in the Orosi Valley through the work at El Jardin Segrado.

In Love,

Aaron “Liberty” Wells


About valleyroads

Aaron and Bonnie and their 2 children currently serve in central Costa Rica as missionaries with Global Outreach Mission.
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  1. John Gaucher says:

    I am certainly praying for you Aaron.

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